Catalog: Folk Harp Books
 Summer, 1999

A variety of books for beginning to advanced skill levels are available through our catalog.
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Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp by Sylvia Woods
The most popular and useful method for people who want to learn to play the harp. Lessons with progressive exercises plus many folk and classical pieces. Fingering and placing brackets included. 80 pages spiral-bound. L-722251.....$9.95

Music Theory & Arranging Techniques For Folk Harps by Sylvia Woods
With 90 pieces on which students can practice newly gained skills. Most pieces are in the key of C. A sequel to the "Teach Yourself" book. 112 pages spiral-bound L721400.....$15.95

Harp Exercises for Agility and Speed by Deborah Friou
Intended for use by players of all levels to develop and maintain their skills. 93 pages spiral-bound.

40 O'Carolan Tunes For All Harps by Sylvia Woods
Multi-level arrangements of tunes by Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), the most famous of the Irish harpers/ composers. Pieces are perfect for weddings and many other occasions. 112 pages spiral-bound. L-720640.....$15.95

Hymns & Wedding Music For All Harps by Sylvia Woods
Arrangements of 33 hymns and wedding processionals for beginning and advanced harpists. 96 pages spiral-bound. L-720900.....$15.95

Pachelbel's Canon by Sylvia Woods
Includes an intermediate version for solo harp, two advanced solo versions, a harp duet and one arrangement for harp and flute or violin. 26 pages. L-720360.....$5.95

50 Christmas Carols For All Harps by Sylvia Woods
Multi-level arrangements for beginning and advanced harpists. 96 pages spiral-bound. L-720590.....$15.95

Early Music For The Harp by Deborah Friou
A collection of 40 tunes especially suited for the folk harp, mostly from the medieval period. Arrangements vary from easy to difficult. 80 pages. L-720518.....$15.95

Renaissance Music For The Harp by Deborah Friou
Delightful collection of 20 popular dances and airs by Byrd, Dowland, Morely, and other Renaissance composers. Arrangements vary from intermediate to advanced in the key of C or one sharp. 32 pages. L-720435.....$9.95

Celtic Christmas by Kim Robertson
16 Christmas pieces for advanced players in C or 1-2 sharps. These are note-for-note transcriptions of Kim's recording. 56 pages. L-720370.....$9.95

Wind Shadows II by Kim Robertson
18 pieces for advanced players in C or 1-2 sharps. some lever changes within pieces. These are note-for-note transcriptions of Kim's recording. 80 pages. L-720370.....$12.95

Quintabile by Barbara Semmann Five lovely original harp pieces for general use in easy/ intermediate arrangements by the composer. Also includes settings of All the Pretty Horses and Skye Song. Spiral-bound. V-HM136.....$6.00

Arranging for Folk Harp by Kim Robertson
Imaginative use of chords, played with a melody, is the key to creative harp arrangement. The book illustrates a variety of accompaniment patterns and arrangement techniques for the folk harpist. B-95346.....$9.95

Classics for Pedal-Free Harp Arranged by Chuck Bird and Susan Peters
This book contains 41 arrangements and transcriptions of some of the world's most famous classics. They were carefully selected so that they could be arranged for and played on the non-pedal harp. Included are works by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, and pieces by many other great composers adaptable for playing on the folk harp. CD is included, but cannot be bought separately. BOOK/CD B-95500.....$23.95

Basic Harp for Beginners by Laurie Riley
A basic, easy-to-understand, step-by-step method on playing the folk harp. Covers basic positioning, finger placing, tuning, techniques, etudes, and a colorful selection of harp solos. B-95109.....$8.95

Exploring the Folk Harp by Janna McCall Geller & Mallory Geller
A comprehensive guidebook for the beginning and intermediate harper. Includes information on choosing a harp, how to play and sing with your harp, developing your personal style and technique, improvisation, chord reading and ear playing, accompaniment styles, theory and harmony, Renaissance songs, traditional ballads, folk songs and classics with lyrics. B-95053.....$19.95

Christmas Songs for Folk Harp by Susan Peters & Chuck Bird
Beautiful, sparkling, lyrical harp solos on 40 Christmas songs and carols gathered from around the world. The arrangements are wonderfully scored and may b played on non-pedal or pedal harp. Book: B-95053.....$12.95 Cassette: B-95053C

Celtic Music For Folk Harp by Laurie Riley & Leslie McMichael
This book is intended to be an introduction to a style of music which has a long and noble history that is inextricably intertwined with that of the ancient harp. The tunes contained in this book were chosen for their playability on the folk harp as well as for ease of separating into categories of skill. They have been arranged in a variety of ways that are representative of both ancient and modern styles, and are suitable for all types of harps. CD is available separately. Book: B-95433.....$9.95 CD: B-95433CD.....$15.95

Celtic Harp Solos by Kim Robertson

46 Celtic arrangements for folk harp solo. Includes Blind Mary, Berceuse (excerpt), Martin Wynnd's Air, Blackberry Blossom, and more. B-95345.....$14.95

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